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Tuition that fits conveniently around your family
Online one-to-one lessons tailored to your child

Better Grade are just the start

Learning no longer stops at school or at university. On the contrary, with Mega online learning platform, it is just the beginning! You will also have the advantage of a whole teacher to yourself, with their lesson plans and strategies of teaching designed just for you!

It’s flexible and fits your family’s schedule

We allow lessons to occur where and when you want. There’s zero travel, so you can choose your own learning environment where you find it most comfortable to learn. It could be your bedroom, the study table, or a balcony.

Experienced Tutor with Expert Knowledge

We have experienced tutors that can engage, inspire, and can really make a big difference for the learner. All our tutors understand exactly how to teach their subjects and boost your confidence! At Mega, we only hire the very best to help you prepare for future success.

We’re trusted by teachers too

Because our online lessons get such good results, schools use MEGA to empowers teachers globally. Effective use of technology maximize student learning and enable teachers to do more with online resources.

Free study resources

Discover, gather, and share quality educational content created by our professional educators.

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