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Mega Education is the “Live Tuition” arm of VBest group. The group currently has presence in 15 prime areas of Klang Valley. Read more about Vbest.

Get Better Grades

Live Tuition is a premium service we offer to our students. Live Tuition services are mainly cater to students who need less classroom activities in an exchange of higher concentration and one to one interaction with our experienced tutors. Learn more about our services.


Our experienced tutors constantly deliver personalized experiences with the use of our in-house creative and functional workbooks which have helped more than 100 students in scoring good results. Check our the testimonials of our students here.


The teachers here are helpful and friendly. They offer me so much help in improving my grades! It is not easy to find good tutors around my area, and after the day I started off with MEGA, I believe that there is no boundary or limitation for me to improve my grades! Thank you Mr Ivan and Mr Khing helping me in Physics and Chemistry!

Chun Yi Lee
Year 11
New Zealand

MEGA tutor helped me so much in Add Maths! He pulled me out of the struggle and my result improved tremendously great! From being the student standing at the border line of failing to grade A student, he helped me in understanding Add Maths instead of just what other tutors asked me to practise and memorize. Thank you MEGA for providing such great platform!

Terence Leong
Year 11
Tenby International School
Ipoh Malaysia

Studying in boarding school and needing help from other tutors from tuition centre is one of the most difficult thing I was facing 2 months ago. I tried so hard to find great tutor to help out. Even if I have found one, due to my packed schedule in boarding school and transportation problem, it wasn’t easy for me to just attend 1 / 1.5 hours class and have to travel at least 30 minutes. MEGA is something new in Malaysia, yet after trying it out, I love them so much and they actually helped me so much in getting better grade and understanding! Thank you guys! Keep it up!

Form 5
Boarding School



Get Better Grades

Tuition that fits conveniently around your family
Online one-to-one lessons tailored to your child

Better Grade are just the start

Learning no longer stops at school or at university. On the contrary, with Mega online learning platform, it is just the beginning! You will also have the advantage of a whole teacher to yourself, with their lesson plans and strategies of teaching designed just for you!

It’s flexible and fits your family’s schedule

We allow lessons to occur where and when you want. There’s zero travel, so you can choose your own learning environment where you find it most comfortable to learn. It could be your bedroom, the study table, or a balcony.

Experienced Tutor with Expert Knowledge

We have experienced tutors that can engage, inspire, and can really make a big difference for the learner. All our tutors understand exactly how to teach their subjects and boost your confidence! At Mega, we only hire the very best to help you prepare for future success.

We’re trusted by teachers too

Because our online lessons get such good results, schools use MEGA to empowers teachers globally. Effective use of technology maximize student learning and enable teachers to do more with online resources.

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Discover, gather, and share quality educational content created by our professional educators.

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