A day of banking with Zol!

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39 years of banking experience in a day.

With various trade based consultancy experiences and positions previously hold in different financial institutions, Mr Zolkifli is able to provide the most comprehensive trade related trainings in an engaging manner.

As the global business environment and landscape are changing rapidly, international and domestic regulatory and compliance bar have been rising to prevent frauds and financial crimes through various banks’ products. Failure to equip the employees with the required and most updated knowledge have caused many FIs to incurred monetary and non-monetary losses.

Notwithstanding Mr Zolkifli’s deep knowledge in trade products, his forte in both global and local regulatory and acts namely Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA) rules, UCP600 etc have helped him to build his reputation in the training scene.

Key credentials:

  1. Examination reviewer of AICB – International Trade Finance Paper
  2. Task force of UCP600 in Malaysia as a member of ICC
  3. Was involved in the liberalization of FEA rules with BNM since currency crisis in 1998
  4. Was one of the top trainers in ABS, specialized in FEA rules and trade finance
  5. More than 50 in-house trainings on FEA rules and trade finance conducted for global and local FIs


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